Liturgia for Schools

Prepare school Masses and Liturgies of the Word with ease. Liturgia has been created by educators who understand how busy school can be. Don't rely on templates of Masses prepared years ago. Have well prepared liturgies at your finger-tips for any event or occasion. Access the Book of Blessings for rituals for everything from blessing travelers to opening new buildings. Reliable. Easy-to-use. Great liturgy.

$250 / year

+ GST if applicable


Features for School

Complete Roman Missal

Complete Collection of liturgical rites

Complete lectionary


Resources for preaching and music preparation

Liturgy preparation tools

Music suggestions for Sundays and major feasts


  • “School” is defined by the school name. A licence may be shared across campuses, as long as the school name and postal address remains the same for all campuses. A licence may not be shared by multiple schools, even if they are in the same parish.
  • Customers require a credit card to use Liturgia. It is not available by invoice.
  • The paying customer becomes the Primary User. Once logged in they can set up four other users (main menu > my organisation > invite new user).
  • Where a Primary User leaves the parish (for example, a priest transferring to a different parish), that Primary User can make another user the Primary User. (main menu > my organisation > user accounts > make primary).
  • A parish may not share a licence with a school.
  • A school may not share their licence with the parish.
  • Users may not share log-in details with others. If more than five users are detected on any licence, Liturgy Brisbane reserves the right to charge additional licencing fees.
  • A parish or school licence may not be registered to a general library database account.
  • Schools are limited to five users. An additional licence must be purchased for any additional users